Anyyeong! My name is Rindu Makrufah Eugenica Vitalagas

But you can call me Ririn.
I was born in Surabaya 1995, April 13rd.
I am the only daughter in my family.

This year, I join in Muhammadiyah Malang University in Sosial and Politic science.
(Communication Science)
My hobby are listening music,writing,reading and watching movie.
I really love Cat and Snake (BOA / Anaconda). They are so cute.
I wanna be Director and Enterpreneur.
Yes,I am K-POP and being K-POPers not shameful.
K-POPers is same people who love other Idol.

My motto is “Believe in God make you find the way to Heaven”
in other meaning is “Always Keep the Faith”

Since i come from Java, i think nothing special sentence from my homevillage.
they using Java language. But i never be good enough with Java.
I’m still sure in my Indonesian than Java.

Well, in the end of my profile i just want to tell you;
“Allah never give what you want, but what you need”
So, everytime you think your life grow harder and harder, just think that your life need.
To become a SOMEONE , it’s never be easy.


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