I’m still remember. I swear I remember.

Not as remaining memories, but every single that what happen.

I remember it clearly. But I never remember how this start.

I remember our happy scent. How we going crazy. Our suddenly-BFF-moment .

Haha. Sometimes, difference make some people closer.

They left me one by one. Those people. They said they are my BFF. MINE.

But how it goes , I never  find they are mine.

I feel like a stranger. So, alone until I buried myself into madness of KPOP.

And that time we met. So funny when I remember it now.

We all friends since our childhood time, but never be friend like now. And about every memories we made, I felt  thank you.

That you all become some one who chase away my pain(s).

How we become side by side, like crazy laugh out everything in our tiny world.

And here we are now. Split like a shit . (sorry for my word)

I just don’t want we being apart. I just want we together. Like days before.

I don’t want to forget. Just don’t want to forget.

That you’re real. That you are part of my little world.

That I’m not delusional.

I miss you guys. J I want meet you. When we get our dream in future, promise me that we will together again like before…

_ Maulidha and Nanik

(too obvious like fan fiction . I miss you guys. Find new people and soon, comeback as 5(?) no, kidding 😀 ,as 3 like before)

P.S : You  still owe with cover song things, and don’t you dare to forget it. 😛


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