Another Story

Warning : This post will never gonna be perfect. so many typo. since English not my native language. and as i can remember,

i never learn English properly 😀

This post is so not important actually. I just want them read this one. I think i can write better than speak.

This story about three (oh,don’t tell me this is like 3 people who look so-brother-like) … ehm yep, this is like that but this is so-sister-like.

First people is someone younger than me.

If you ever heard name Voldemort, you will know about Voldemin.

In my case, there is Voldenik. Akh, seriously… I gonna crazy about this child.

Words to describe this one ..

Tiny, crazy, sharp tongue, confusing, food enemy, too much laugh (for me), calm, evil maknae, once she explode that’s heart breaking moment.

but seriously she is very giving person. Everything what you want from her, she will be doing her best. Really.

Advice for you, babe : Seriously, you should stop watching Min’s video. That’s not good for my health since you addicted by his sharp-tongue and practise yours to me.

It is so annoying you know ! I’m older than you!!

I never imagine how if this kid meet Changmin in real life. THE Shim Changmin.

There will some battle sharp-tongue in that moment and definetely winner is..

CHANGMIN ! (since you faint first after meet him,nik–“)

Second people is someone older than me.

Don’t think this one “normal” and better than first.

Words to discribe this one ..

Another crazy people, happy, funny, keeper, soccer lover, Smart, Clever, Obdient, always positive thinking.

I never want her meet Junsu. I definetely envy them. They are gonna be perfect couple.

just imagine this girl will giving birth 11 sons with happily just because they will make their own soccer team!

And let’s talk about me.

I’m the normal one. I am straight and not that crazy. They just look alike their bias but I am not.

I am not 4D. I should sure about that.

I know , i should feel guilty since i am the one who make them like that.

But seriously, speaking the devil… I never want falling alone. Ha Ha Ha.

Just funny story from me.


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