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Mother Language

Love your language, and it will make your country proud

Funny.. as i remember, i almost used english in almost my posts. Why i so confidence anyway?

Aku bangga menjadi orang Indonesia. Sungguh. Aku juga bangga dengan bahasaku. Bahasaku merupakan salah satu bahasa tersulit di dunia asal kalian tahu. 😀

Meskipun negaraku kacau sekali pun, aku masih bangga. Yah, karena bagaimana pun ini tanah airku !

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“jika aku terbangun semuanya telah menghilang, aku nggak berharap aku nggak bangun lagi.

Tapi aku berharap saat aku terbangun, mimpiku menjadi kenyataan”

Another Story

Warning : This post will never gonna be perfect. so many typo. since English not my native language. and as i can remember,

i never learn English properly 😀

This post is so not important actually. I just want them read this one. I think i can write better than speak.

This story about three (oh,don’t tell me this is like 3 people who look so-brother-like) … ehm yep, this is like that but this is so-sister-like.

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Memories : Everyone should have a dream

Everyone should have a dream..

It will be fine. Time passed, and it will become better.

You can dream… You can smile… you gifted, you blessed..

The people in your life want you happy.. And you too, you want make them happy.

Maybe you embrace everything that you know..

But still…

Your shoulder not wide enough..



I’m still remember. I swear I remember.

Not as remaining memories, but every single that what happen.

I remember it clearly. But I never remember how this start.

I remember our happy scent. How we going crazy. Our suddenly-BFF-moment .

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“sometimes , all alone make you crazier than everyone who crazy”

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Miss You

I miss you…

I want meet you guys immediately…

Why best friend make so big hole in heart?

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sometimes, become so lonely make you gonna crazy